About Us

Our Story…Blue Roc

Over the Past 10 years our Company has been Blessed. The Blue Roc Brand has always been one, where the passion and commitment to excellence is paramount. As we continued to move forward and with over 10 years of that ideal, Blue Roc Premier Properties was born….. With a continued and more laser focus on the core principles that made us Successful… Blue Roc Premier Properties is taking the brand and service to new levels. While focusing on the continued passion and commitment of excellence in the Property management field, Blue Roc Premier is bringing back the Passion to meeting people on a more relational level. “In a time when technology has almost taken away all personal contact and personal relationships” Blue Roc Premier Properties is passionately pursuing, one on one personal service and relationships with our Residents, understanding Resident happiness, in where they call home, is vital and the key to our success…

Our Mission : “Strive to all always do the Right Thing” and “Manage with integrity” combined with outstanding Service and our passion to be real on a personal level, helping our residents be their happiest when they are at home in a Blue Roc Premier Property.

This is our Priority and Commitment!

Randy X. Ferreira,
Founder/ CEO
Blue Roc Premier Properties, LLC

Our Mission

“Always striving to do the right thing.” In an age where technology has almost replaced personal interaction, our mission at Blue Roc Premier Properties is to maintain a close, personal relationship with our residents. This is a critical factor to their happiness, which allows us to connect with them as people in order to achieve a deeper understanding of their needs.

Our Values

“Always striving to do the right thing.”

In our work environment, with our residents, in how we treat and care for our properties. In every area of our business.

“Provide service with integrity.”

Handling any and all obstacles with the highest professionalism and honor. Providing superior care and accommodation.

“Striving to deliver more than expected.”

Going above and beyond with people in mind through service, amenities, residence and appeal value.

“Always striving to be a step above the rest.”

To be common is easy. We choose every day to be exemplary!

“Engage Driven, motivated team members.”

Hand picked team members placed in their strongest areas of expertise to maximize their talent and potential for growth.

“Striving for perfection, settling for nothing less than excellence.”

Everyone knows that no one is perfect, so in our quest for excellence, we learn and become better at what we do; striving to always reach that next level.