Charles Faramo Bio

Charles Faramo

Prior to working with Blue Roc Premier, Charles rose in position within JP Morgan Chase. Through his experience in the finance and private banking sector, Charles was able to get first-hand experience in working within the diverse markets of the financial industry where he excelled on all levels tasked within this institution.

Charles entered the multi-Family industry as a Financial Analyst with Blue Rock Partners. There he played a key role in the acquisition process of acquiring several thousand units in multiple Florida metropolitan areas. He then continued in this capacity to assist Blue Roc and its affiliates expansion of over 15,000 units throughout the Southeast

Currently as the Vice President of Acquisitions with Blue Roc Premier, Charles is responsible for overseeing the acquisition department as well as building relationships with multi-Family property and mortgage brokers throughout the Southeast US. This also includes reviewing all underwriting and due diligence procedures, as well as client relations. Charles has been an integral part of building the current portfolio of multi-Family apartments, which is now valued around $2 Billion dollars.

In addition, he has been a key factor in the successful negotiations of employee health benefits and property level insurance. Other responsibilities include oversite in several operational departments which involve accounting, marketing, social media, and website management.

Charles is a graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Management and Entrepreneurship.