Management Opportunities

Management Opportunities

Blue Roc Premier is a privately held fully integrated Management firm focusing on multi-Family management opportunities throughout the State of Florida and The Southeast Through its affiliates. BR Premier and BlueStone Premier. The principals have been operating in the multi-Family real estate business for over 25 years. The firm has developed a proven track record for value-added and stabilized Apartment Properties.

Blue Roc Premier has effectively managed properties for property owners by achieving the highest level of results year after year. The Premier Managed Portfolio is currently over 15,000 apartment units throughout the Southeast . The Premier Properties with its award-winning Property Management techniques has successfully implemented the Premier Brand of Property Enhancements setting the stage for increased property performance and effectively implementing the business plan.  Our goal is to under promise and overachieve. As such we have achieved reliable and consistent occupancies for the properties we manage.

Our company mission is to Strive to always do the Right Thing and Choose Integrity in all areas of our company. 

Geographical Focus

Premier Properties prefers to be a strong regionally based management firm that knows its markets inside and out. For this reason, we target our efforts on apartment properties primarily in the State of Florida and The Southeast . As a result, we have been ranked one of the top firms in the Southeast.

The Premier platform which was founded over 15 years ago is focused on the management of quality apartment assets in strong submarkets throughout the Southeast with growing demographics and employment drivers.  The Premier operating and management platform is to re-position these assets through value enhancements and efficient management procedures established from years of expertise in our respective markets.

Our company’s strength creates a competitive advantage in  each of the markets where we operate.